Friday, April 15, 2011


Since we moved my dad has felt sorry for the boys because in his mind he thinks that they are bored and they don't have anything to do at our new house. He is constantly on our backs to get the yard done.  He has no concept of we don't have endless funds to put the yard in, and that this is Travis' busy season and he's working about 70 hours a week right now. So in his state of worrying about the kids, we have benefited from his purchase of a new basketball stand for our house. Thanks Dad, the boys love it!

P.S. Nobody tell him that the boys are outside running, jumping, biking, riding scooters, etc. with the neighbors every waking moment. Yep, they are bored!

1 comment:

  1. Boys and basketball, the perfect match. I love the pic of Parker off the ground. It's one of those nothin' but net poses.

    Preston is getting so tall!

    What a nice dad you have. Boys can never get too much outdoor play! ...j