Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Break!

Last week was spring break for the boys. I tried to keep them busy so we didn't sit around the house all week doing nothing. On Monday I took them to Incredible Pizza & Tuesday we went to see Diary of Wimpy Kid Rodrick Rules (not cute like the first one). Wednesday was ski day but Parker woke up throwing up all over the place. I kept him home with me and Travis and Preston went skiing. Travis said that Preston told him at least 20 times that he was having so much fun without Parker. It made me happy that he had such a good day, and got some alone time with his dad. Parker and I sat home watching kid movies all day. Thursday I had to run a few errands and I took them out to lunch at one of their favorite places, Salt City Burger. Friday and Saturday were cousin days. Liam came over and the three of them did nothing but play in the dirt and ride bikes. By Saturday afternoon they were all so tired they could hardly walk. It was great for them!

Preston took a nose dive. I love his snow covered face and how his right pole went flying. 
Good thing there was lots of powder!


  1. his snow covered face is so cute! Lisa

  2. Your boys are so lucky to have you spend time with them. I still carry guilt about missing so much of their childhood. You are such a great mom! ...j