Friday, May 13, 2011

Mud Room!

When we were working on the house plans my main two requirements were: 1- a mud room, and 2- the kids' rooms could not be next to the master bedroom. Of course, I had a list a mile long but these two things were high on the list.

At our old house the kids' rooms were on the opposite end of the house and I loved it. I could put them to bed early and stay up doing laundry, using the jetted tub, watching movies, etc. and the noise would not bother them. Also, Travis gets up and goes to work at an ungodly hour & they could not hear his alarm or him in the shower. Parker is a very light sleeper (gets it from me) and any noise and he's up and ready to party!

Anyway, here is how the mudroom turned out. I love all the tile. The kids (Travis) can come in with muddy boots (Travis) and it all stays contained right there in this area. 

My dad made these cubbies for us. I like how they turned out. It is great to just throw all of our stuff in them as we come in from the garage. The boys keep all of their school and soccer stuff here so we can just grab their stuff and go.

The doorway to the left is going into the kitchen. Directly behind the mud room is the door in from the garage, and the door going to the basement. To the far left is the laundry room and the half-bath. Something on my long to do list is to paint the cubbies a different color. I don't love how they blend with the walls. It'd be fun to paint them bright red or something, but I'm sure I'll just stick to a different color earth tone.

I found these cute letter signs at Hobby Lobby...Where else?!


  1. What a fabulous space! I absolutely love the big block letters and I think you are right, it would be cute to paint it a bright colorlike red, green or orange. I usually don't have the courage to be bold, but I love the look.

    You have such a natural flair for design. You are missing your calling in life, you should be a real estate stager. ...j

  2. Those signs are so cute. I wish I had a place to hang some. K.