Monday, May 23, 2011

Teacher Gifts!

Each year I've tried to make some kind of photo gift for the boys' teachers at the end of the year. However, this year I decided that I was only going to do it when they are in the younger grades. I love Parker's teacher so I wanted to make something for her. Each class has a teacher and a teachers aid. It is too much to try to do four gifts so basically I picked my favorite and went for it. 

Preston had the same kindergarten teacher as Parker has this year. She has always wanted one of these mosaic pictures that some of the other teachers have, so I made her one. I used pictures that I have taken of the kids in the class throughout the year. I mounted it on a wooden plaque and covered the top with a coating that makes it look like canvas.

If you click on it you can see the mosaic tiles.

I also made some cards out of different mosaic pictures and bundled them together. One card is the actual thank-you card for the teachers, then the rest are just blank cards. In the actual cards I put in Starbucks gift cards.

For Preston's teachers I made a card with all the kids' names on the front then put the Starbucks gift cards inside.


  1. That is the COOLEST thing! What a huge amount of work! You are soincredibly thoughtful!...j

  2. those are very cute. you need to teach me how to do those. Lisa