Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Time Off!

Travis took this week off so we could landscape the front yard. On Sunday & Monday we worked on the sprinklers & got maybe 1/2 of them done.

Parker was surprisingly helpful. He held pipe, helped dig, and carried the pipe out of the garage. Hmm..very un-Parker like!
I must have been drinking heavily when I took this picture and holding the camera slanted.  :-)

And then it rained...and rained...and rained. It started raining Monday night, Tuesday it was a rain/snow mix, It rained all day today (Wednesday), and it is supposed to rain all day Thursday,  Friday, Sunday AND next Monday and Tuesday. I think my dream of moving to Seattle or Portland has come true!

We have standing water everywhere. 

I am normally a rain lover. I usually can't get enough of it and the cool weather. However, I am ready to get something done in the yard!  I was thinking today, it stared snowing last October, and it snowed on Tuesday. That means we've had winter for 8 months now. Just think, if it ever does get warm we'll only have 4 months until it snows again!


  1. Get up here already! It has not rained here for days. We must have sent it all your way. Miss you! ..K

  2. That's the grim truth! I'm headed for Seattle in two weeks. Hopefully it will be sunny there. Good luck with the sprinklers! ...j