Friday, December 9, 2011

Disneyland Day #2!

Day 2 was Sunday. We knew that Disneyland would be crowded so we spent the day at California Adventure. We started our day with a character breakfast at the Grand Californian Hotel. That hotel is beautiful! The food is good, but expensive. The characters at this location are not that great, but we like the food there better than the other character breakfasts.  The hotel has its own entrance into California Adventure for hotel guests. After breakfast we got in line behind some people that were actually staying there and followed them in.  hee hee.

This is the first year that Parker was tall enough for all the rides (well, almost tall enough) and we were all itching to go on The Tower of Terror. The park was empty so we were able to get right on the ride. First timer Parker loved it and we went over and over again. Because the park was not busy we were able to ride just about everything, some rides multiple times, by about 1:00 in the afternoon. The one and only line we had to wait in was for Grizzly River Run. It was hot outside (way too hot for November) and everyone was wanting to get wet. It took us maybe 15 minutes so we can't complain. We rode it twice and got good and wet!  Notice above how I said that Parker was "almost" tall enough for all the rides? He was just a hair sort of the 48" for the California Screamin' roller coaster. He was dying to go on it! He stood under their little sign with his back straight and his neck stretched out. He was flirting with the cute worker and still a no go.  His hair was brushing the sign but his head didn't actually touch it. So we went on other rides until they changed workers. We then took his socks off, rolled them up and put them under his heels in his shoes and tried it again. It totally worked and made him tall enough. He loved it! It is a great roller coaster. One of our favorite rides in the park.

In the evening we watched The World of Color show in the park. I had heard mixed reviews on it. Some people said it was a "must see" and others said not so much. My opinion was that it was terrible. The show itself might be ok, but the way they run it is terrible. You had to go the area an hour early and you where you had a Fast Pass showing what area you could sit in. You wait in line, go to your assigned area then find a place to sit. There are no chairs, no benches, etc., you have to sit on the ground. Then a half an hour before the show they make you stand up so they can cram more people in behind you. So you stand in wall to wall people for 30 minutes until the show starts. Unless you are in the first couple of rows you can't see. We were in the second section, second row. Travis could see fine but had to hold Parker up the entire length of the show, and Preston and I could not see at all. If there was a way we could have turned around and got out of the crowd we would have. However, we were stuck in a sea of people. Basically it sucked! I would not recommend it to anyone, and I started calling it "the stupid water show" for the rest of the trip.

 On our way to breakfast the first morning we were there.
I have no idea who this character is, but Parker loved him.
 Our annual joke about these Christmas ornaments has to do with "big balls".
 A visit with Mater and McQueen
 We love Sully!
I think this is about our 5th time on The Hollywood Tower of Terror. We could not get enough of it!

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  1. Your pics have such great color and clarity. What a perfect time of year to go.

    I'm amused by Parker's Elevator Sneakers. You always have been an innovator.

    BTW, I like big balls too. ...j