Thursday, December 15, 2011

Disneyland Day #4!

Day four, Tuesday. It finally cooled down a bit and the weather was perfect! We spent most of the day at Disneyland, then went back over to California Adventure for the last few hours in the evening. Both of the boys needed a Tower of Terror fix.

We started the day early. Our passes included one "Magic Morning" which meant we could enter the park an hour before it opened. Both Tomorrowland and Fantasyland were open. Since we had already gone on all the rides in Tomorrowland we headed to Fantasyland. The boys were complaining a bit that they didn't want to go on "baby rides" but too bad! I love Fantasyland. Like everyone else in the world, I love the Peter Pan ride. It doesn't matter what time of year or day you are there, that line is always long!

This was also our day for lunch at the Blue Bayou. I love that restaurant! If you don't know, it is the restaurant that is inside of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. You sit alongside the water where the boats go by. Honestly, the food is not my favorite. It is a lot of seafood & meat, but it is just so fun going there that the food is secondary to me.  However the boys and Travis love the food. They got some sort of beef thing that they loved.

Entering the park for the day.
Dumbo! These two look thrilled to be there!
Another self portrait on Dumbo. I've got to get a better angle to see if I can reduce a few of those chins!
On the Teacups.
Our next stop was Autopia. Parker was dying to "drive". Oh, it scares the hell of of me just thinking of when he actually can drive!
Doesn't he look sweet & innocent here? So deceptive!
 Preston took his driving very serious. I'm not worried about this one at all.
Space Mountain. On the rides they take your photo on you have the opportunity to purchase the picture there on the spot. With new technology everyone carries small cameras or uses their phone to take a picture of the picture. So no need to actually make a purchase. I am sure Disney will come up with something new in the future that prevents you from doing this.
A visit with Goofy. He was teasing the kids that they had a Pluto hat & a Donald Duck hat but no Goofy hat. Trust me Goofy, I'm with you. The Donald Duck hat is not my favorite.
I am not super excited about this picture. Normally Disney has a photographer there to do your picture after you wait in line to see Mickey. For some reason they didn't have one this time. I always look forward to our annual family Mickey picture. It is the closest thing that I'd ever talk my family into as far as a family portrait. This one is not what I had in mind. Poor Mickey only has one ear & my big hair is covering the other one.


  1. This round of pics are especially delightful. I particularly like the Space Mountain shot. That Parker has got the sweet and innocent look nailed. And of course you look mah-va-lus ... great hair, great skin, perfect teeth. What an excellent time! ...j

  2. I like the driving pictures. Lisa.

  3. Big hair. Funny! HA. K.