Monday, December 12, 2011

Disneyland Day #3!

Day three was Monday and we spent it at Disneyland! The first order of business was Indiana Jones. Parker was itching to go on it. This was the first visit he was tall enough (no rolled up socks needed). We walked over there first thing and there was no line - yea! We rode it four times in a row then headed to Splash Mountain. It was already getting warm for the day so we were ready to get wet! Again no line! We went through it once and when it was time to get off the worker asked if we wanted to go again because there was nobody else there waiting to get on. So we rode it several times without having to get out. After that we just wandered around all day riding rides, looking for characters & having a great time! It did start to get a bit crowded later in the afternoon, but not bad. I don't think we waited for more than 10-15 minutes for anything our entire visit. It was great!
Gadget's Go Coaster in Toontown!
Toontown. No fake smiles here! Nope!
Parker loves Pluto! Preston looks so thrilled to be there! He looks like he is growling at Pluto.
A boys trip on the Matterhorn. Another favorite ride of all of ours.
This is outside of the Matterhorn. You'd think after taking so many pictures of myself I'd get the camera angle better.
This is Parker's first time on Splash Mountain. He loved it! Preston insisted on the front seat, and nobody argued with him. He was drenched. Travis was in the back and only got a little wet.
After Splash Mountain trying to dry off in the sun.
These guys hung out by the Haunted Mansion. From October to January 1, they have the Haunted Mansion switched over to Nightmare Before Christmas. Although I love the park all decked out for Christmas, I prefer the Haunted Mansion just the traditional haunting. It is fun to see the characters but these guys were long winded. They took lots of time with each of the kids talking to them and playing around. It got to the point you were like, "I'm only here for the picture. Let's move along". 
 We had two very tired boys at the end of each day. Parker would not take his new Pluto hat off.


  1. I love the sleeping picture. Priceless. lisa.

  2. So a good way...hehe! ;)

  3. I want to go!!...K. Miss you!

  4. It's funny to me that Parker is finally tall enough to ride most of the rides and in the end he looks so little lying asleep in bed. A perfect way to sign off! ...j