Wednesday, December 28, 2011

One less tooth!

If you've followed along at all, you'll know that Parker hates loose teeth and falling out teeth. OMG! The drama! He will throw a fit and cry then throw another fit. The weekend before Thanksgiving his snaggletooh kept bleeding and bleeding. If he bumped it with a spoon, the toothbrush, etc. it would start bleeding and would not stop. I emailed his teacher on Sunday night to give her a warning of the drama. First thing Monday morning I called the dentist and said I wanted it out. I did not want to deal with it over Thanksgiving and our vacation. I surprised Parker by picking him up at school before lunch. I told him that the dentist just wanted to have a look at it. He made it clear to me, and to his teacher, that he was not getting it out. His teacher, who I absolutely love, just cracked up and told him to be brave.  At the dentist's office he was telling everyone from the receptionist to the dentist that it was not coming out. Everyone was laughing and I was standing behind him making "pull it" movements. So they made him nice and happy and out the tooth came. Back at school he was all proud and acted like it was just no big deal. I have a feeling the next loose one he'll want out the same way. He'd better save up $150.00 or I am getting out the floss & feeding him apples!


  1. Poor little guy! K.

  2. What a great story. I could use a little of the relaxation gas myself for purely medicinal purposes of course. ...j

  3. He is so funny. What a goofball. Lisa.