Thursday, May 10, 2012

Our Little Picasso!

Last week Parker came home with a note from his art teacher saying his art had been selected to be in the school art show. I have no idea if he entered, if he was just chosen based on his work or what. I honestly didn't realize that the school had art shows! The show was on Monday night and he came home from school that day saying that someone had bought his art piece. Huh? Again, I know nothing about this. We went to the show, he got his certificate, and looked at his work along with the rest of the pieces on display. The next day I was at the school for a book fair and several employees said to me how wonderful it was that someone bought his art. Again, huh? Still lost. The problem? I want it on my entry table! Not sure if I'll ever see it again though.  So proud of him!
 He had two pieces of art in the show. One is that purple piece below his left elbow.  Cute but I am not entirely sure what it is.  :)
This is the piece that I love that supposedly is sold. It would be so cute framed on my entry table.
Daddy's boy by his art piece.


  1. That is a great piece. Perhaps you could have him make you one for mother's day. Maybe he would even sign it as a tribute. ...j

  2. That is a sweet little piece...of art! K.