Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Mom's Day Garden!

Since we moved out of our old house, I have desperately missed having a garden. Ok. I've missed having grass too, but really missed having a garden. Last year when we started working on the yard it was too late to get a garden going. By last fall we had it in and ready to go this spring. I told the boys the only thing that I wanted for Mother's Day this year was to get the garden planted. My wish was granted! We spent all day planting, tilling, and watering. It was great!  I 'll admit I went a bit overboard on the plants. I was so excited to have a garden again that I kept buying plants at every store I went to. If they actually grow, we will have veggies coming out of our ears! Look for a full fall harvest report!  :) 

Before shot. This picture was taken last spring.
Ready to dig. You can see my pots marking where I want the garden made.
During. My dad brought a backhoe to dig up the existing dirt. This house has the worst dirt I've ever seen. Anywhere we are planting we have to remove the dirt and replace it with something that plants can actually grow in.
Mother's Day planting! Yea!
Peppers. Funny thing is, I hate peppers! I think I have six pepper plants. Told you I went a bit overboard!
I found these cute little row markes at my favorite store, Target, in the dollar bins. They don't tell me what is planted in the row, but they sure are cute!


  1. your backyard is really changing. happy day. Lisa

  2. Looks like you brought in some pretty rich soil. That's a pretty big garden. I see you also planted tomatoes. I'm sure you will have a bumper crop. ...j