Saturday, October 9, 2010


Last weekend Preston had a Boy Scout activity at the school. I took Parker with us because Travis had to work late. At the meeting they had the police come & talk to the boys about safety then they did some karate. Parker was being good so I let him hang out with some of the other siblings & do karate with the older boys. All of the kids were at the front of the gym & the adults in the back. Honestly, I was not paying too much attention to any of it. After the activity, the main lady was up front talking & introducing the new scouts. She'd ask the kids their names, then over the loudspeaker introduce them to the group. All of a sudden I heard “Welcome Parker.” I look up and sure enough it was my Parker. He was up with the Tiger Scouts waving to the crowd, and making growling sounds and claw hands so he could be a Tiger. He was totally hamming it up and grinning ear to ear. Boy was he pissed when I told him he wasn’t old enough to join and would have to wait until next year.

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  1. That Parker. He's gonna have you following after his antics for a long time to come. By next year he'll think he's a bear. ...j