Saturday, October 30, 2010


Cricket doesn't often like to play with Parker, but once in a while the mood will strike her and she chases him around. He has the perfect sized limbs, fingers and toes for her to attack. A few days ago Parker came running through the house being crazy, and Cricket took off after him. They played great for a few minutes then Cricket bit his foot (totally playing). He cried and let me cuddle him for about a minute. He got off my lap, stomped off and got a piece of paper & a pencil. He sat back down, and in a ticked off voice said, "Mom how do you spell 'dumb'?" It has been hanging on the fridge since.


  1. He kills me! What a joker! ..K

  2. Parker should win an award for the sign of the day. What a funny kid. At least you got a hug out of it. ...j