Thursday, October 28, 2010

Week 5 Recap

This week quite a bit got done, but not a lot that you can actually see. They did finish getting the roof on, most of it before the snow hit. The cabinet guy came and marked up the floor to give us a final estimate on our cabinets, the plumber was there running lines, the HVAC guy was there and got the furnaces in and ran duct work, the sheetrock guy and insulation guy came to measure and the electrician was there to mark where the lights will go. Oh, and my favorite, the fireplace was put in. Monday our "four way inspection" is scheduled to be done. I'll admit I have no idea what that is but apparently it is a really big deal. If I figure out what it is, I'll let you all know. ;-)

This was the last day of sunshine before the storms hit. The framers worked until it was pitch dark to get the roof on before everything got wet.

We have been itching to get upstairs and check it out but the stairs are not in yet. We found some boards that we could climb in the laundry room & squeeze through an opening to get up there. Travis and Parker got up no problem (Parker is part-monkey.) Preston got up but it scared the crap out of him and he would not come down. I just stuck my head though. I was convinced my fat arse would get stuck in the hole! So as of yet, I've not seen the upstairs.

Parker was thrilled to get upstairs and see his room! His exact words, "it was so awesome!"

Yea! I really missed having a fireplace at our last house. I can't wait to curl up by it with a good book.

Everything in the house is soaking wet.

This is where the stairs will be to the upstairs. I guess if they never build them we can just keep shoving Preston up through the hole and listen to him scream!

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  1. You are so hysterical! Love the spacious look! Here's hoping it stays dry the next few days! ...j