Thursday, October 14, 2010

Week 3 Recap

Finally, progress. Thank you sunshine! In the last week the backfill was done, garage floor poured, basement cement poured, basement framed, and most of the main level framed. The day they started the framing they had a crew of nine guys there and I can't believe how fast it went up. The Foreman said they usually spread the crew between two or three jobs, but ours was the only job that day so we got all the guys. The second day of framing we only had three guys so it went much slower. Because of the fast pace of the first day of framing, they got ahead of schedule & ran out of wood. I think the next delivery is not until Friday or Monday. I have to say, I hate building. It is so stressful & I hate second guessing every little decision. Can't wait until it is over!

Preston wanted to fill the basement with water to make a pool.
I totally did not plan this, but this space is going to be perfect for my WAY TOO MANY Christmas decor totes! I think they all might fit!

This wall they are putting up is between the master bedroom & the entryway.


  1. So i want to know what room is mine, cuz you promised to feed me my mush and take care of me when I get old and C nile......

  2. It's like magic watching it go up! ...j