Monday, October 22, 2012

Gourd Wall & Halloween Gourds!

When we were designing our yard, I knew I wanted some sort of plant climbing wall at one end of the patio. We had one at our old house and I loved it. We decided to put it at the west end of our some-day patio. On the west end it will provide a bit of shade, and most importantly block part of our patio from our nosy next-door neighbors. This year I decided to plant gourds on it, and I love how it turned out.

We cemented these 8' tall, 4x4 posts in and I painted them brown.
The boarder you see along the ground with the gravel inside will someday be our patio.
We then attached pieces of lattice. We left a little walkway between the house and the gourd wall so we can easily get to that side of the yard. 
The gourds grew great, but I definitely planted too many of them!
View from the west side. Nicely blocking the view from the nosy neighbors.
Harvest time. I got about 15 good sized gourds.
I painted them to look like candy corn. Well, they are supposed to look like candy corn anyway. My dad drilled holes in the top and I hung them all over our front yard. 
I like how they look in my grasses.


  1. I wanna be more like you Bran. I love the vision you have about gardening! ...j

  2. Cute. I can see a peek of your grass. I hope you will post more. K