Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumpkin Harvest!

As I have mentioned several times, I really missed having a garden over the past few years. I missed having fresh veggies outside my backdoor, and I really missed growing pumpkins. I love Halloween and the more pumpkins I have the better. I ended up with a lot of little ones, and designer ones, but not one carvable one. Hmm...I guess I need to pay more attention to what plants I'm buying next year. Just last week when were doing our fence line, we made another area for me to plant pumpkins. I went overboard with plants this year and had pumpkins planted in the garden, and flowerbeds. They were taking over the yard! My plan is to use this new area for pumpkins and not the flower beds. Yea, we'll see........

These Peanut Pumpkins are cool. At the boys' school the fourth graders run the greenhouse and have a plant sale each spring. I felt obligated to buy something so I got a few pumpkin plants. I had no idea what a peanut pumpkin was, but I'm so glad I got one. One plant grew 15 pumpkins and pretty much took over the west flower bed. I saw these pumpkins at Home Depot a few weeks ago, and they were $10.00 each. I was feeling pretty good about my $2.50 purchase. I will be back for the sale next year. 


  1. How fun all those pumpkins!!! I hardly got any this year in my garden, so I'm like you looking for new spots to plant in the yard! I am back at blogging again and so happy to catch up on what you've been up to. Have a fantastic Halloween!

  2. Those are great. I wish I had a green thumb. Lisa.

  3. Holy Pumkin BATMAN....
    you should sell these next year.
    p.s I love mine.....


  4. WOW! Incredible crop with wonderful variety. I love it that they are more of a harvest pumpkin as opposed to traditional Jack-O-Lanterns. You can keep them up until Thanksgiving. ...j