Monday, October 15, 2012

Kickin' Back at Bear Lake!

Ok. I've made it forward a month. Let's not mention that it really is October.  :)

Every August we take a trip up to Bear Lake. We all love it up there! Normally we can escape a bit of the heat, but with this record hot summer, it was hotter than normal up there as well. It was nice at night. It would cool off into the 50's. I would freeze everyone out of our cabin. I had all the windows wide open and all three boys would have to pull their sleeping bags up over their heads. It was great!

We like to stay on the Idaho side of the lake. Normally it is less crowded on that end, but I think people have caught on. It is a much nicer beach and for us it means easier access to real alcohol.  Hey, you've got to get the non-watered down, more affordable, liquor when you can.

 Our first night there we just hung around the cabin relaxing. The boys played in the river all day.  Parker is such a water rat. As long as he has water to get in he's happy. I have no idea what this little creek is called. It is right next to our cabin, and it keeps our campsite nice and cool. The water is freezing.
 Good morning big hair.
 This kid likes fire a bit too much. Scares the hell out of me!
 Roasting Burning Marshmallows!
  Water Rat found this in the river. I think it was maybe a craw fish. Not sure though. It only had half a body when we found it. Parker was totally amused by it. 
 The boys, all three of them, spent hours upon hours building in the sand.
Our little beach site. For some reason, after a record dry winter, the water was really high. It made for a great beach, but the walk to the beach sucked. Normally you can drive right on the beach, back your truck in and unload. You can see the cars at the top of the picture where we had to park this year. It is really not all that far, but when you are carrying multiple coolers, chairs, totes, the shade canopy, clothes, floaties, sand toys, etc. it made for a very long walk!
 Water Rat has a tote full of sand toys. He worried about them the entire time we were there. He kept thinking they were going to get stolen. Dude, your toys are fine. Get over it!
 Travis Kickin' back in the shade!
 Perfect water temperature & the sandy bottom makes for a perfect day to play!
 Got floatie?
 Peace, Love and Brothers!
 I love these boys!
 Travis drowning Preston and Parker is heading out to sea in his fish.
 They love spending time with their dad.
 Frisbee on the beach. Not a bad gig!
 I bought Parker this fish the first time we went to Bear Lake. He is way too big for it now, but he loves it. Unfortunately "Fishy" has seen his last trip to the lake. He got a hole in him on our last day there. Parker cried and cried and wanted me to run up to the store to see if they had another one. The store is about 45 minutes away, on the Utah side of the lake. Yea, I'll just "run" up.
 Dude, you are going to burn the top of that head.
 This is what I love about Bear Lake. As you can see we are clear out in the water. Standing here the water is about up to my waist. It is very shallow water very far out. It is so nice because you can walk out, or "go to sea" as the boys call it, and just walk around or float around. When we are hanging on the beach the boys can be out in the water, and quite a ways out, and you don't have to worry about them. They can go a long way with the water only up to their tummy. The bottom of the lake is all sand for as far out as you can walk. The shallow water also means it stays very warm.

On the last day we were there we surprised the boys and rented Wave Runners. It was a blast! I didn't have my camera with me though so you'll just have to take my word for it. Now the boys want Grandpa to buy them Waver Runners for Christmas. Come on Dad! 


  1. Love how you've captioned the pics! My fave is "Peace, Love, and Brothers." I am always amazed at how blue the Lake is. I hope you had a chance to indulge in a raspberry shake. ...j

  2. I have never been there. It looks like tons of fun! Lisa