Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween Wine Bottle Labels

Besides my candy corn gourds, the only Halloween project I got around to this year was making some Halloween wine bottles. I saw some similar bottles at the store and thought I could easily make those. I made three for me and three for my sister's October birthday. I had a specific label in mind for my her :)

I used empty wine, tequila and Bacardi Silver glass bottles. I colored them with stain, Mod Podge, and glitter to make them brown. I created the labels in PhotoShop and wrapped the tops in twine. Very easy. It took a while for the stain to dry, so it felt like weeks to actually get the project done. 
Read sister's special label.
After I spent weeks working on mine, Parker ran upstairs to do a craft. He came back with is own Halloween bottle. Yep, it's sitting there right in the middle of my display. 


  1. still laughing at your sister's bottle! Lisa.

  2. AND .... Happy Birthday Uncel Travie.... :)