Saturday, September 25, 2010

80 Percent!

This posting is bittersweet. My mom's work, Bland's Nursery, has decided to do a total liquidation sale. Right now their future is uncertain, but it does not look promising that they will re-open in the spring. This is the same job my mom has had every summer for the past 30 years. Thankfully, my parents don't rely on the money she makes. She really only works there for fun & something to do. Anyway, last week they marked all of their nursery stock 80% off. Yes, EIGHTY PERCENT off! I felt guilty for being excited to buy stuff. We bought trees, shrubs, perennials, strawberries, grass seed, tomato cages, and weed barrier. It should be close to everything we need for the new yard. Did I mention it was all 80% off? We are storing everything out by my parent's barn where it will be easy to take care of. Of course, my dad has made at least 30 comments about we don't have a house but we have trees. That's not getting old at all. Yes, 80% off!


  1. I know you will buy more trees! -Lisa

  2. At last, something in your favor with the new house! I'm sure it will be beautiful. Here's hoping it all survives the winter! ...j