Monday, September 6, 2010


Exciting Sunday here. We decided to have a BBQ/birthday party at my mom’s house for my nephew’s birthday. Travis had just sat down to eat, and I was up getting my plate of grilled vegetables, and he casually walks behind me and says, “I need ya.” He kept walking and went behind the house. I put my plate down and started following him and noticed he was walking funny, and saw a trail of blood on the sidewalk. He stopped & turned around and was holding a steak knife covered in blood & and holding his leg. There was blood everywhere. Turns out he was sitting down cutting his steak and dropped his knife horizontal and instinctively pushed his legs together to try and catch it. In doing this, he actually pushed the knife into his left leg with his right. So he and I took off to Insta Care. There was enough blood, and the knife went in 1.5-2”, so there was concern he’d hit the femoral artery, but he missed it. After they stitched him up we headed back to the party. It kept lightly bleeding all night & I told him more than once I didn’t think he should go to work today because when he put weight on his leg it would cause it to bleed. Of course, he was fine & he “had” to work. So off he went to work at 4:00 am. At 9:00 am I get a call that he’s bleeding like crazy & was going to the ER because Insta Care wasn’t open until later in the day because of the holiday. So a $100 copayment + 20% of the bill later, the dr tells him he’s fine but he should not be working or lifting heavy boxes, and to go home and rest. So his “had” to work day is going to cost us triple of what he made in the 5 hours he “had” to be there. The good news is he’s feeling better tonight, took the day off tomorrow, and he’ll be fine. Kids, it pays to be a vegetarian. I didn't have a steak knife on my plate. :)


  1. Oh my! Travis is very lucky. Macho, but lucky and it's good that he didn't hit an artery. I think a probationary period of 30 days with a plastic knife along with his scar should be sufficient punishment. Oooooh, poor guy! ...j

  2. Totally can see him doing that. Dude, open your legs not close them.