Friday, September 24, 2010


Ok. I have no idea what these do but think they are called footings. They were poured yesterday, and the next step will be the foundation. This process is so stressful to me! It is going to be a long build. Preston is so excited that things are finally starting. He has not handled the move well, and has really been struggling lately. We try to never mention anything house related around him at all because it causes him to get so anxious. Today in is school folder he had a piece of paper that he'd written, "day 1: they dug a hole. day 2: they did cement." It is very sweet. I hope he keeps writing things down. I think it will help him get through this and keep him excited about it. Maybe I need a list to get me through!


  1. For the love of Pete, make a list. -Lisa

  2. I hope there will be progress everyday so Preston has something to write in his folder. I think this will actually be a great way for him to learn journalling. ...j