Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Clowin' Around

On Sunday we went to the circus as a part of Parker's Birthday last week. I have to say that the circus has not changed much in the 25 some odd years since I've last gone. My animal loving son, Preston, loved all the animals and thought it was great that the dog rode in on a pony then out on an elephant. Parker loved anything that was acrobatic related and the motorcycles that drive in an enclosed dome. I remember loving those motorcycles when I was younger. I will admit though, I am not a huge circus fan. I don't like how the animals are treated, and I hate to see elephants & tigers in cages. We did have a good time though, and the boys thought it was great. Besides, where else can you get a $10.00 snow cone or a Diet Coke for $4.00?


  1. Love the clown noses! I also love it that Parker has a birthweek instead of a birthday. I'm not a cage fan either, but I am impressed by the healthy head of hair the elephants have. ...j

  2. I want a nose! Wish we were there with you. CS