Wednesday, September 8, 2010


The annual school pictures of the boys. I really don't like Lifetouch, the company that does all the school pictures in the area. Every single year they have cut Preston's arm off so they can fit their logo on one side. Also, half the time he looks like he is tipping over. You can't see it so much in the collages because I scan them in, crop them & rotate them so they look better. Parker looks goofy in his picture this year. I can only guess there was a cute girl behind the camera that he was flirting with! When I own a hallway, I have the collage prints in 12x12 framed & hanging up and I update them each year.

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  1. I love the evolution of the pics! The applicant pool for the Lifetouch Photographers were probably found hanging around a mall photo booth. Still they managed to get pretty good shots because the boys are SO cute! Reflecting back I think I am tilted in several of my school pics and missing one arm, so nothing has changed. ...j